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Young Rider Series

Pitt & Moore Winter Young Rider Series

Congratulations to the 2017 Graded Young Rider Winter Series Champion

Rilee McMeekin & Flying with Style

In the graded series places 1st - 4th

Level 1: 1st Annie Baird & Aorangi Alida

Level 2: 1st Rilee McMeekin & Flying with Style, 2nd, Imogen Agnew & Folly Diva, 3rd Geogia Weaver & Dipped in Silver, 4th Sarah Sowerby & King Kong 8th Wonder

Congratulations to the 2017  Non-Graded Young Rider Winter Series Champion 

Elliot Barker & Aintree Tamzin

In the non-graded series places 1st - 4th

Level 1: Elliot Barker & Aintree Tamzin, 2nd, Antonia Lerbs & Cassandra, 3rd Isa Hermes & My Winter Winds, 4th = Macy Morgan & Glendale Hustle & Zoe Gardiner & RMS Crusader

Young Rider Winter Series Rules

  • Open to All Young Riders Under 21 Years as at 1 August 2020
  • Open to all levels
  • Points allocated for 6 results from nominated grade. Three best scores from three different tests plus next three highest.
  • Levels 1-3 Under 50% - 1pt, 50%-55.99% - 2pts, 56%-59.99% - 3pts, 60%-64.99% - 5pts, 65%-69.99% - 7pts, 70+ - 10pts
  • Levels 4 & 5 Under 50% - 2pts, 50%-55.99% - 3pts, 56%-59.99% - 5pts, 60%-64.99% - 7pts, 65%+ - 10pts
  • Series Ribbons 1st to 4th in each grade
  • Top scoring riders overall for non graded rider and graded rider with highest points receives Champion Sashes and prize.
  • Please state on your entry that you wish to be included in this series, and what grade. 

Pitt & Moore 2016 Winter Young Rider Series

Pitt & Moore 2016 Winter Young Rider Series - overall Winners

Young Rider Graded Champion:  Ginny Mckenzie

Young Rider Graded Reserve:  Rilee McMeekin

Young Rider Non-Graded Champion:  Talia Manson

Young Rider Non-Graded Reserve: Meg Rukuwai

Pitt & Moore 2015 Winter Young Rider Series

Young Rider Graded Champion: Meila Picard & Kirkwood Prince Harry

Young Rider Non-Graded Champion: Jaime Rushbrooke & Absolute Justice

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