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Training Days

Training Day August 18th

Planned training day on Saturday August 18th at Rough Island Equestrian Park.  Details to be finalised, check out the Nelson Dressage facebook page where you can add your ideas.

Training Clinic with Jan Bird, 26th May

Informal clinic with Jan Bird from Wellington. Jan is a NZ Grand Prix judge and retired FEI 3* judge with a wealth of knowledge.

Richmond Library, Saturday 26th May 2pm till everyone's had enough, cost $10.

Saddlery Warehouse Christmas Cracker

Sunday 10th December 2017, Entries Close Sunday 3rd December

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A fun morning for all ages and abilities. 

Fancy Dress, non-graded dressage -Introduction, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Prix Caprilli and musical freestyle

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September Training Day

30th September 2017, Rough Island Equestrian Park

Training Day Draw

Opportunity to practice your pony club, eventing or esnz dressage test or your musical freestyle in front of a judge for instant feedback.

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August Training / Fun Day, Sponsored by Saddlery Warehouse

13th August 2017 Dressage Clinic, Non-Graded Dressage, Prix Caprilli & Fancy Dress

All Ages & Abilities Welcome


Saddlery Warehouse Christmas Cracker - Saturday 17th December 2016

Wow we had some great fancy dress outfits today at the Christmas Cracker, it was great to see so many young riders, well done to everyone that took part. A huge thanks to Suzanne Inglis & Saddlery Warehouse for sponsoring this event, sorry you could not make it to judge today we hope you feel better soon. Thank you to all the helpers who made this event possible including our judges Nolene Lissant-Clayton, Helen Bowler, Penny Rieter & Vanessa Baxter. Happy Christmas and see you all in the New Year. 


Lead Rein

1st Kate Dalziel & Timberlee Macaroon 61%

Pony 0A

1st Elliot Barker & Aintree Tamzin 71.05%

2nd= Macy Morgan & Glendale Hustle 69.21%

2nd= Emma Rodd & Gossip 69.21%

3rd Emily Roberts & Brooklea Monopoly 64.21%

4th Findlay Barker & Gina 62.10%

5th Rilee McMeekin & Chloe 61.32%

6th Mikaela Macdonald & Jubilee Unforgettable 61.31%

7th Isla Young & Super Sonic Sonny 59.21%

8th Lucy Young & Taras Southern Belle

Horse 0A

1st Angela Valentine & Heathers Tilly 63.94%

2nd Fleur Howard & Cosmos 60.52%

3rd Kate Hoare & Tilburg 60.26%

4th Isobel Pearcy & Rose 50.52%

5th Rebekah Kenny & Tessa 45.26%

Pony 1A

1st Elliot Barker & Aintree Tamzin 67.30%

2nd Grace Dalziel & Timberlee Macaroon 58.07%

3rd Emma Rodd & Gossip 55.96%

4th Rilee McMeekin & Windward Limerick 53.84%

5th Rilee McMeeking & Kaitake Mercedes 51.54%

Horse 1A

1st Rachel Thomas & Gurteens Velvet 65.38%

2nd Wendy Maclean & Monkey 63.08%

3rd Kimberly Maclean & Pilgrim 61.54%

4th Sarah Sowerby & King Kong 8th Wonder 61.15%

5th Angela Valentine & Heathers Tilly 52.69%

6th Rebekah Kenny & Allie 49.62%

Pony 2A

1st Melia Picard & Buckton Denniston 69.5%

2nd Jessica Stock & Lacey 66%

3rd Imogen Agnew & Follyfoot 63.25%

4th Rilee McMeekin & Windward Limerick 61.5%

5th Rilee McMeekin & Flying with Style 56%

Horse 2A

1st Rachel Thomas & Gurteens Velvet 65%

2nd Sarah Sowerby & King Kong 8th Wonder 61%

3rd Wendy Maclean & Monkey 60.75%

4th Kimberly Maclean & Pilgrim 60.5%

5th Tessa Flintoft & Game of Thrones 54.25%

Horse & Pony 3A

1st Jessica Stock & Lacey 66.17%

2nd Meila Picard & Buckton Denniston 66.02%

3rd Kerry Goldthorpe & Hunter Valley 64.70%

4th Imogen Agnew & Follyfoot 59.85%

5th Anneka Gerrie & Moves Like Jagger 55.76%

6th Tessa Flintoft & Cinzarno 50.29%

Prix Caprilli Pony

1st Elliot Barker & Aintree Tamzin 71%

2nd Grace Dalziel & Timerlee Macaroon 69.5%

3rd Rilee McMeekin & Kaitake Mercedes 62%

4th Findlay Barker & Gina 59.5%

5th Macy Morgan & Glendale Hustle 47.5%

Prix Caprilli Horse

1st Tessa Flintoft & He's Absolutely Fabulous 65.5%

2nd Fleur Howard & Cosmos 65%

3rd Kate Hoare & Tilburg 63%

4th Rebekah Kenny & Tessa 58%

Musical Freestyle

1st The Super Sisters - Isla & Lucy Young

2nd Gold & Gray - Macy Morgan & Emma Rodd