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2018 Pitt & Moore Winter Series

Winter Series 1 : RESULTS

Winter Series 2 : RESULTS

Winter Series 3 : RESULTS

Points to date (Winter Series 1, 2  and 3) : CLICK HERE

2017 Pitt & Moore Winter Series

Series Results - Champions & Reserves

Introduction Pony

Champion: Mikaela Macdonald & Jubilee Unforgettable

Reserve: Amy Wassell & Ellangowan Monarch

Introduction Horse

Champion: Tracey Heywood & Giavanna

Reserve: Heloise Hildreth & Frostee Boy

Non-Graded Level 1 Pony

Champion: Elliot Barker & Aintree Tamzin

Reserve: Isa Hermens & My Winter Winds

Non-Graded Level 1 Horse

Champion: Antonia Lerb & Cassandra

Reserve: Anneka Gerrie & Moves Like Jagger

Non-Graded Level 2 Horse

Champion: Natasha Connolly & World Edition

Reserve: Tessa Barnes & Jumping Jack Flash

Level 1

Champion: Wendy Maclean & Quadro Pacific Flight

Reserve: Kirsten Crabtree & TGP Aster Blue

Level 2

Champion: Imogen Agnew & Folly Diva

Reserve: Vanessa Baxter & Coalstar

Level 3

Champion: Jan Morice & Denmark

Reserve: Rachel Thomas & Gurteens Velvet

Level 4

Champion: Helen Bowler & Escondido Grey Cloud

Level 5

Champion: Frances Dick & Weltmeister AF

Reserve: Louis Schindler & Schindlers Liszt

Level 6

Champion: Anna Terrell & Caithness Masquerade

Reserve: Penny Reiter & Jive Thyme

Young Rider

Non-Graded Champion: Elliot Barker & Aintree Tamzin

Graded Champion: Rilee McMeekin & Flying with Style

Full Series Results

25th June Results

28th May Results

April 30th Results

2016 Pitt & Moore Winter Series

Series Results
Lead Rein - Champion Celia Davis & Basil
Intro Horse - Champion Anna Terrell & Solly, Reserve  McKayla Fitzpatrick & Call me Classy
Intro Pony - Champion Mikaela Macdonald & Jubilee True Colours, Reserve  Grace Dalziel & Timberlee Macaroon
Level 1 Graded - Champion Isabella Ladley & Solitaire Jade, Reserve  Vanessa Baxter & Coalstar
Level 1 Non-Graded Horse - Champion Wendy Maclean & Quadro Pacific Flight, Reserve Liga Rakauska & Diamond Rose
Level 1 Non-Graded Pony - Champion Talia Manson & Brooklyn Airs n Graces, Reserve Natalie Iorns & Sakahs Irish Rose
Level 2 Graded - Champion Ginny McKenzie & U-Puna Valiant Charger, Reserve Kirsten Crabtree & TGP Kavaghn
Level 2 Non-Graded Horse - Champion Shannon Glover & Finamour, Reserve Joanne Ragg & Serendipity Toroa
Level 3 Graded - Champion Kerry Goldthorpe & Hunter Valley, Reserve Meila Picard & Buckton Denniston
Level 3 Non-Graded Horse - Champion Tessa Flintoft & He's Absolutely Fabulous
Level 4 Graded - Champion Diane Wallace & Profile
Level 5 Graded - Champion Julie Fraser & Arnage Rhumba

Young Rider
Non-Graded Champion - Talia Manson
Non-Graded Reserve - Meg Rukuwai
Graded Champion - Ginny Mckenzie
Reserve - Rilee McMeekin

2015 Pitt & Moore Winter Series

Series Results:

Lead Rein Champion: Amy Wassell & Ellangowan Monarch.

Training Pony Champion: Jaime Rushbrooke & Windward Limerick, Reserve: Isabella Ladley & Chelton Light Romance.

Training Horse Champion: Helen Trotman & Bugsy, Reserve: Hannah Grant & Batton River

Level 1 non graded Pony Champion: Rilee McMeekin & Flying with Style, Reserve: Kerry Goldthorpe & Hunter Valley.

Level 1 non graded Horse Champion: Tessa Silcock & Rondezvous LA, Reserve: Jaime Rushbrooke & Absolute Justice.

Level 1 graded Champion: Madison McMeekin & Shes Better than Homework, Reserve: Rachel Thomas & TM Portofino.

Level 2 non graded Pony Champion: Jessica Stock & Lacey.

Level 2 non graded Horse Champion: James Duncan & BL Alonso, Reserve: Nicky Wassell & Vinny.

Level 2 graded Champion: Carmen Snowden & Zactac Paris, Reserve: Meila Picard & Kirkwood Prince Harry.

Level 3 non graded Champion: Angela Heafield & Jamaican me Crazy.

Level 3 graded Champion: Helen Bowler & Escondido Grey Cloud, Reserve: Frances Dick & Weltmeister AF.

Level 4 Champion: Julie Fraser & Arnage Rhumba

Level 5 Champion: Jan Morice & Lugano

Young Rider Graded Champion: Meila Picard & Kirkwood Prince Harry

Young Rider Non-Graded Champion: Jaime Rushbrooke & Absolute Justice

Full Series Results - Click Here

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