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Latest Info from Dressage NZ

Livamol FEI World Dressage Challenge NZL

1st December 2017 at NEC Christchurch

Closing Date for Nominations 3rd October 2017

For full details click on the links below


Application Form

Hello dressage regions, applications are now out for the Dressage NZ Pony & Young Rider Talent ID Clinic, in the South Island this will be held on September 22nd-25th at Selwyn Equestrian Centre in Christchurch.

It would be great if you are able to encourage any young riders you may have in your region to apply! All criteria details are on the application but below are just a few snippets…..

Applications close on the 25th July.

The purpose of the Dressage NZ Talent ID Clinic for Pony and Young Riders 2017

To foster talent, provide mentoring and training, whilst promoting the highest ideals of horsemanship to young riders that wish to participate in the Dressage NZ Performance Pathway

Attributes required from riders

Passion for improvement and attention to detail

Competition experience with a good work ethic

Good listeners and have appreciation of the benefits of feedback and information

Empathy for others and their mounts, patience and self-control and with an understanding of self-responsibility and horsemanship

Talent and dedication to dressage and are focused on progressing competitively

Criteria required from riders

Rider age 12  - 21 years

Riders can only submit results from graded events

L1: 3 scores > 64%, > L2 60% & L3 & above >58% in graded competitions. At least one from RE or above

Example, Regional Area Championship, Under 25 Young Riders Championship, North or South Island or National Championship or Horse of the Year. 

If you are unsure if you have met the criteria please check with the YR Convenor

Please follow the link to the South Island Clinic which will take you to the criteria and on line application form.

Should you or your riders have any questions I’d be more than happy to try and answer them!  Please don’t hesitate to contact me

Julia 0275091972,

Kind Regards

Julia Thomson

Dressage NZ SI Young Rider Convenor

June 2016

Dressage NZ AGM & Conference 25th June

The annual conference, AGM & Awards dinner is being hosted by Dressage Taranaki in New Plymouth, if you are interested the link below is for the Agenda including the remits.  If you have any questions please contact our Area Delegate Wendy Sowerby.

Conference Agenda

APRIL 2016

At the Dressage NZ Annual Planning meeting in Wellington on 5 and 6 April, the Committee of Dressage NZ voted unanimously to forward an amended By-Law for the administration of Dressage NZ to the Board of ESNZ for approval.

On 5 April 2016 the amended By-Law was forwarded to the Board of ESNZ.  Dressage NZ has worked with the ESNZ Board since then to enable approval of the amended By-Law.

The ESNZ Board requested some amendments to the By Law which the Board of Dressage NZ deemed were appropriate to make without further consultation with the Committee.  The changes are:

 1.  Amendment of clause 1 in terms of how Dressage NZ is described; and

 2.  Amendment of the clause reference in clause 4(a)(ii).

However the ESNZ Board has provided approval on the basis that the amended By-Law will be subject to further review. The ESNZ Board has advised it intends to establish, as soon as is practicable, a working party to review all the discipline By Laws and look to amending them to enable greater consistency and clarity across ESNZ.  

Dressage NZ thanks the Board of ESNZ for the time they gave considering approval of our By Law which has enabled it to be approved in time for our June 2016 elections.

The 2016 Dressage Rules for Administration By-Law can be downloaded by clicking on the link below


2015 FEI World Dressage  News Edition 1

The 2015 event will be held at McLeans Island on Tuesday 24 November

Judges will be Bo Ahman (SWE) & Alain Francqueville (FRA) both 4* FEI Judges

As the competition will be held mid-week between Ashburton RE and Canterbury RE, there will be no warm up or specific team selection competition the day prior. There will be arena familiarisation with selected riders able to walk trot and canter in the main arena from 11am – 3.00 pm on the Monday (times will be allocated) prior to the horse inspection and draw and team announcement from 4pm

The link below will take you to the tests to be ridden  and areas may use these at their winter and spring competitions as graded or non-graded competitions to allow riders to become familiar with the tests which do have some slightly different movements

Attached is the eligibility criteria for each division. Nominations open on 20/8/15 and will close on  30/9/15 to accommodate the Canterbury LE on 27/9/15.   NO LATE nominations will be accepted.

If riders are competing at Canterbury LE and wish to  submit a score from that event, DO NOT send your nomination prior. The Event Secretary will not be responsible for adding additional qualifying scores once nominations are received.

The nomination form, stable booking form  and payment details will be posted by 10 August on the ESNZ website Link:

It is not compulsory for horses to be stabled / yarded  on the grounds for the event

Wendy Hamerton

Dressage Sport Manager

New Dress Code Rules Effective 1st August 2015 - Click Here

Young Rider Camp

The information is also available on the ESNZ website

NI: Taupo NEC 3/4 October - Convenor Lynley Schollum

SI: McLeans Island NEC 17/18 October - Convenor Donald MacLean

Purpose: To identify and encourage young riders to further develop their skills and knowledge and to learn to train their horses or ponies at a level appropriate to the individual combination. To introduce young riders to sport sciences for athletes and their horses & ponies.

Applications invited from riders:

  • 20 years and under as at 1st Jan  2015 with a primary goal of improving their dressage knowledge & riding skills, and their competition performance.
  • Riders who have demonstrated a commitment to self improvement
  • Riders must be ESNZ members.   Horses & Ponies must be registered for graded competition

APPLICATIONS: Priority will be given to combinations who have scored:

Level 1 – 2: Minimum 63%, Level 3: Minimum 60% at ESNZ graded competitions from 1st September 2014 – 30 June 2015. Riders on higher graded horses and ponies who have not been selected for any other 2015 squad may apply to attend and other applications may be considered dependent on the total number of applications received

  • Dressage NZ reserves the right to restrict participation in camps to two years (not necessarily consecutively) should there be an over subscription of applications
  • The list of riders to attend camp will be approved by Dressage NZ. Application to attend does not infer right of attendance.

Application Forms must be received by the Young Convenor in your island by 20 August 2015. Details on application form. Postal applications only. Allow 5 working days for delivery

Conference Minutes

Please find attached the Draft Minutes from Conference 2015

These can also be accessed on the website


Wendy Hamerton

Dressage Sport Manager

2013 FEI Equine Prohibited Substances List

Changes approved by the FEI Bureau.  The changes to the FEI Equine Prohibited Substance List (EPSL) have now been approved by the FEI Bureau and will come into effect on 1 January 2013. After a period of consultation and subsequent agreement on the changes proposed by the FEI List Group and agreed by the FEI Bureau, five new substances will be added, two will change category and one will be removed from the List.

The changes are summarised here and have been provided below for your information:

Five new Controlled Medication substances have been added to the List for 2013: Cyclosporin, Tropicamide, Pitcher Plant preparation (Sarapin), Delmadinone acetate and Chlormadinone acetate;  Fenta nyl and Morphine, both of which are currently classified as Banned Substances, will be moved to the Controlled Medication section of the List in 2013 due to their increasing clinical use in equine medicine;  Suxib uzone, which converts to Phenylbutazone in the body, is currently listed as Phenylbutazone and will be listed separately under Controlled Medications; and  Deslo relin, previously a Controlled Medication substance in the 2012 List, will be removed from the 2013 List.

The 2013 Equine Prohibited Substance List is accessible via the Clean Sport webpage webpage http://www.fei and information is also available on the FEI Equine Prohibited Substances Database.

FEI Update 2nd October 2012

 FEI Veterinary changes 1st January 2013

FEI Veterinary Regulations Compulsory micro-chipping of horses to be newly registered with the FEI, comes into effect on 1 January 2013 (Veterinary Regulations - Article 1011.1.2.3) 2013 FEI registrations will be available mid November 2012Please note all new FEI passports processed MUST be returned to ESNZ for stamping and signing before they are valid for competition.