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Nelson Area Dressage Group Champions Graded Accumulator - Kindly sponsored by Richmond Roast House & Cafe

Sash & dress rug will be awarded to Champion & Sash to Reserve in each grade (L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6/7, L8/9)

  • Open To Graded Horse/Rider Combinations Only
  • Combinations may only be eligible for one grade
  • To have competed at all three shows - Eyeopener Tournament (September), Premier League Tournament (November) and Championship Tournament (January).
  • Points based on placings 1st = 10 to 10th = 1
  • In the event of equal placings overall winner in each grade will be calculated on highest %
  • Prizes to be presented at Championship Tournament

Richmond Roast House Championship Tournament

Championship Trophies
Points are allocated 10 for 1st to 1 for 10th in all classes.
Points are allocated 15 for 1st to 1.5 for 10th in all Super 5 League classes
The combination with the highest aggregate allocated points is the Championship winner.  In the event of a tie the combination with the highest place in the Super 5 League Class is the winner.

Level 1 Pony Champion                           Silcock Tray
Level 1 Champion                                    Preliminary Trophy
Level 2 Pony Champion                           Moneymusk Tito Trophy
Level 2 Champion                                    Enrights Bookshop Trophy
Level 3 Champion                                    Ron Ellis Trophy
Level 4 Champion                                    R Brown Trophy
Level 5 Champion                                    Corkscrew Challenge Trophy
Level 6-7 Champion                                 Royal Hotel Trophy
Level 8-9 Champion                                 Ian Bint Jewellers Trophy

Annual Dinner Awards
Richmond Saddlery YR Champion        Purple Sage Trophy
Highest % Musical Freestyle                  Aztec Trophy
Nelson Rider highest scoring pony        Volleyball SL Trophy
Most Points Young Dressage Horse      Pamela Reid Trophy
Most Points Overall                                Pamela Reid Salver

Richmond Roast House Spring/Summer Series

Eyeopener Spring Tournament (September), Premier League Tournament (November) and Summer Championship Tournament (January).

Allocation of points in each grade will be decided by placings, and on scores Levels 1-5 57% or higher and Levels 6+ 55% or higher. In the event of equal points the champion will be decided by the highest average %.  

Non-graded Classes: This year we will also be running the Harcourts Rural Non-Graded Spring Series over all three tournaments. Points will be accumulated as per the graded classes. 

Sash & dress rug will be awarded to Champion & Sash to Reserve in each category level: Introductory Starter, Introductory Medium, Preliminary and Novice (Non-Graded).

*Points  1st = 6, 2nd = 5,    3rd = 4, 4th = 3,    5th = 2, 6th = 1

**Points 1st = 9, 2nd = 7.5, 3rd = 6, 4th = 4.5, 5th = 3, 6th = 1.5

Sashes will be awarded to Champion & Reserve in each grade (L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6/7, L8/9) Plus trophies for the following.

Trophies awarded at the Spring Eye Opener September Show:

Level 1 Nelson Champion: Trillion Trophy

Level 2 Nelson Champion: NA Chang Trophy

Level 3 Nelson Champion: Nelson Riding Centre Trophy

Level 4 Nelson Champion: Lance Muir Trophy

Level 5 Nelson Champion: El Contessa Trophy

Level 6-9 Nelson Champion: Hamer-Gameson Trophy

Nelson Dressage - Pamela Reid Young Dressage Horse

  • Open to all Nelson & Marlborough Riders
  • Open to Non-Graded & Graded combintions
  • To be eligible for the overall trophy each combination must enter two of the three classes
  • Horse Eligibility - Age: For 4, 5 & 6yr graded horses only based on the official birth date is:
   Southern Hemisphere born horses - 1st Aug, Northern Hemisphere born horses - 1st Jan
  • Horses to compete at the following levels, 4yrs - Level 1, 5yrs - Level 2, 6yrs - Level 3
  • Classes to be held September, November and January.  
  • Class to be run in concurrently with main class as stipulated on schedule. 
  • Tests to be ridden in 20m x 60m arena
  • Results will be decided on highest points at nominated level.  In the event of a tie results will be decided on percentage.

Nelson Dressage - Richmond Saddlery Summer Shows Young Rider Series

  • Open to all Young Riders under 21 years as at 1 August 2019.
  • Levels 1-3 Non-Graded and Levels 1-5 Graded 
  • Scores from Nelson Dressage Eyeopener Spring Tournament, Premier League Tournament & January Championship Shows will be used.
  • Points allocated for six results from nominated grade, three best scores from three different tests plus next three highest
  • Points allocated as follows:
  • Levels 1-3 Under 50% 1pt, 50%-55.99% 2pts, 56%-59.99% 3pts, 60%-64.99% 5pts, 65%-69.99% 7pts, 70%+ 10pts
  • Levels 4+ Under 50% 2pts, 50%-55.99% 3pts, 56-59.99% 5pts, 60%-64.99% 7pts, 65%+ 10pts
  • Top scoring overall rider with highest points wins "Purple Sage Trophy" presented at the Annual Dinner awards
  • Overall Rosettes 1st to 4th.
  • First placegetter will receive a Richmond Saddlery voucher ($100) and second placegetter will also receive a voucher ($50)
  • In the event of a draw the rider with the highest average percentage will win.

ANNUAL AWARDS - to be presented at Annual Prizegiving

Nelson Dressage - Dunstan Horse Feeds Non-Graded Rider Accumulator

  • Open to all non-graded (un-registerested) riders
  • Introduction to Level 2
  • Points calculated as follows: 1st - 10pts, 2nd - 9pts, 3rd - 8 pts, 4th - 7 pts, 5th - 6pts, 6th - 5pts, 7th - 4pt, 8th - 3pt, 9th - 2pt, 10th - 1pt
  • Points are taken over September, November and January Nelson Tournaments.
  • Prizes awarded for 1st to 6th Place at Annual Presentation.

Nelson Dressage - Special Awards

Awarded at our annual awards presentation. The winners will be chosen by the Nelson Dressage Committee except for the Partnership Award which will be decided by local judges.

Rising Star Newcomer
 For a horse/pony new to dressage
 Incentive Award
 For someone who has made a fabulous effort and clearly given their best
 Partnership Award
 Most improved combination over the season
 Optimist Award
 For a rider with a positive attitude and obviously enjoys the sport

Nelson Dressage - Annual Awards

Tahuna Pharmacy Cup - Most points Nelson Riders (top of the South circuit)

Tahuna Pharmacy Points Prizes for Graded Horses - Points calculated as follows: 1st - 7pts, 2nd - 5pts, 3rd - 3pts, 4th - 1pt.  Points are taken over September, November and January Nelson tournaments & Marlborough October tournament.  Prizes awarded for 1st to 4th place.

Tahuna Pharmacy Points Prizes for Graded Poines - Points calculated as follows: 1st - 7pts, 2nd - 5pts, 3rd - 3pts, 4th - 1pt.  Points are taken over September,  November and January Nelson & Marlborough October tournament.  Prizes awarded for 1st to 4th place.

70% Awards - Remember to keep your 70% test sheets from graded competitions to claim your award at the annual dinner.  Only one medal awarded to each combination at each level.  Post to the secretary by 31st March 2020.

Paula Alana Friend Trophy - A Nelson graded combination with the most points overall for the whole graded season (1 April 2014 - 31 March 2015).

Martingale Stud Trophy - Most points for graded pony for whole graded season.

Endeavour Trophy - Awarded by the Hart Family for services to any area of dressage.

Mindi Fowler Memorial Trophy - To the Junior Young Rider gaining the three highest percentages for graded Level 1 or 2 classes, from three different judges at any three of the four dressage tournaments.

Pamela Reid Judges Bell - Most respected judge elected by riders at the end of the season.

Lissant-Clayton Master's Trophy - For riders aged 50 plus. Awarded for the highest percentage of any one graded test during the Nelson Summer Series. 

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